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Why we are Matcha obsessed these days.

Updated: May 24, 2022

What is Match exactly? Another supplement? A protein powder?

Matcha is made of finely ground green tea leaves & is only grown in Japan, our Matcha comes from Uji which happens to be one of the oldest areas of tea cultivation in Japan. The green tea plants are kept shaded for 30 days. Shading allows the tea leaves to keep maximum chlorophyll intact & enhances the essential amino acids. After picking, the leaves are dried out and ground into a fine powder -- viola, Matcha!

L-theanine, is an amazing amino acid that is found in high quantities in Matcha (approx 4-5Xmore than in regular green, or black teas). L-thiamine improves motor skills and focusing ability of the brain. It helps concentration, alertness and, calmness. This is the reason Japanese monks take it before their long hours of meditation.

Matcha provides the most amazing energy, calmness, clarity, and a general sense of wellbeing. I am feeling better (happier, healthier) now than I have in a really long time.

I never aspired to cut coffee out of my diet -- like how do you do all the things without coffee?? However, after working Matcha into my diet for a few months, I started to crave that glorious calming energy. After 15 years (5475 days) of starting my day with coffee, I started reaching for Matcha in the morning instead. My anxiety has decreased drastically and I am much more calm through out the day which means I don't yell at the kids as much. I'm also more productive because the energy that Matcha provides is sustained.

The amazing energy alone is enough to convert me to Matcha permanently but Matcha is also packs some pretty amazing health benefits. Matcha is high in antioxidants (hello beautiful skin), decreases inflammation, and several studies have shown that it may improve heart health. Matcha is also detoxifying and has been shown to improve liver function.

How to make Matcha? Mix 1 teaspoon Match in hot water and whisk until dissolved and frothy. Next, I like to mix my Matcha with a decent amount of oat milk (Matcha Latte). You can absolutely add a sweetener like honey, stevia leaf or sugar... whatever your sweet heart desires.

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